All About the Sauce

Bowl of PeppersThe idea for this hot sauce started as a dare one evening over dinner.  A bunch of creative people with a jones for extremely hot food dared me to use all the hot peppers that my neighbor Chris was growing, attempting to make a truly WICKED hot sauce that would satisfy those, like us, who couldn’t find a REALLY HOT sauce that also had great flavor.  This sauce is made for people that have grown tired of sauces that say they’re hot but really aren’t.  This is a hot sauce for adults; people that have put the time and energy into developing their minds and stomachs to seek out that fabulous tingling burn that comes from enjoying extremely spicy foods.  These ingredients are grown locally in organic pesticide/chemical-free gardens.

Ow! And it’s got FLAVOR!    
There is an art to making great food.  Creating an organic, preservative-free sauce that is hot as heck and as jam-packed with flavor as this, is an artistic act of rebellion against the bland, watery, chemical-filled hot sauces available.  It makes sense that a fine artist created Cat’s Wicked Hot Sauce.  Transplanted from Boston to North Carolina, Cat realized two things:
1) Sweet tea is really good.
2) Hot peppers are happiest in Southern soil.
These hot peppers (habanero, jalapeno, serrano, poblano, hot banana…) are grown mostly in North Carolina red clay using absolutely no pesticides, ripened in the sun, and picked at the peak of flaming flavor.  Fresh hot peppers are the first and main ingredient in Cat’s Wicked Hot Sauce.  Sweet local carrots or green peppers sauteed with onions and garlic are added to balance the heat, and along with the whole peppers (seeds and all) create the chunky, hearty consistency that makes Cat’s Wicked Hot Sauce unique.  Just like in North Carolina’s distinctive barbeque sauce, vinegar is added for its tang and natural preservative qualities.  Next comes fresh lime juice, sea salt, and the previously secret ingredient — vodka!  Really, it’s a flavor enhancer.  Unlike popular hot sauces, no water is ever put into Cat’s Wicked Hot Sauce…water is for cooling off after you eat it.

Separation is a GOOD thing…
Cat’s Wicked Hot Sauce is an all natural product, containing no added preservatives, emulsifiers or artificial colors.  As a result, the sauce will occasionally separate depending on the pepper content, growing conditions, and pectin levels of the peppers used in sauce production. Fear not – occasional separation is a sign of quality ingredients. When a bottle of sauce separates, just shake it and you’re good to go. The incredibly tasty, lip-burning flavor will be the same as always.