This is the latest batch of peppers, and they are looking FABULOUS!  I looks like there will be a few batches of red sauce that are truly RED.  Cat will be in the Wicked Kitchen making up more goodness next week gearing up for some big outdoor events!Habaneros etc

Cat’s Wicked Hot Sauce Booth at the 1st Annual Saxapahaw Antiques Festival 2011

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Cat's Wicked Hot Sauce Booth at the 1st Annual Saxapahaw Antiques Festival

CAT’S WICKED HOT SAUCE BOOTH (WITH CHEF CAT IN ATTENDANCE) at last year’s 1st annual Saxapahaw Antiques Festival (2011)  It was extra special because it was the very FIRST place that Cat’s Wicked Hot Sauce was available to the public.  From this humble beginning the Cat’s Wicked Hot Sauce booth next went on to the Saxapahaw Holiday Market 2 months later and SOLD OUT IN THE FIRST DAY OF THE 2 DAY EVENT!!!  Over 70 jars of Cat’s Wicked Hot Sauce were sold in 1 day!!  Having samples of the “Wicked Good” sauce out to try with tortilla chips and Cat’s Wicked Snackin’ Dip (See RECIPE on the “RECIPES” page here) sample really caused a fantastic buying frenzy!  What’s better for hip, unique and tasty Christmas gifts than Cat’s Wicked Hot Sauce??!!

WICKED HOT things will be happening at the 2nd ANNUAL SAXAPAHAW ANTIQUES FESTIVAL

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CAT’S WICKED HOT  SAUCE  will be a vendor at the 2ND ANNUAL SAXAPAHAW ANTIQUES FESTIVAL,  Saturday October 20th from 8am-5pm.  .  Samples of Cat’s Wicked Green Hot Sauce Cat’s Wicked Red Hot Sauce will be readily available, along with “Cat’s Wicked Snackin’ Dip” -where the life-giving sauce and salt are added to sour cream to make a ridiculously great dip.  Cat herself will be in attendance and will even wear her chef hat in public.  Don’t forget your cameras! Or your appetite!